Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ordering Info

How To get a copy of Ed Little Crow's book

   go to  Wild Embers estore

    be sure to SET UP AN ACCOUNT when you get there
then go back to Ed's title at
then simply click on the "add to my cart" tab

the book is also available via!
(PLEASE NOTE: author royalties--payments to Little Crow and his family-- are MORE if you order direct from estore/publisher!)

2. ORDER from PUBLISHER    "the old fashioned way"   

Ed's book, ordered through publisher is $12 plus $4  shipping and handling.
You email us an order, and we'll ship to you/send you an invoice for payment.

     Here's how that works:
  •      contact wild embers press at
  •       tell us which title you are interested in
  •       include your mailing address
  •       we will send you an invoice via email 
  •       you send payment to Wild Embers
3. Check the RED website  for upcoming events 
where SIGNED COPIES of Little Crow's book will also  be available for sale

Thanks for your interest in Ed's poignant stories and wisdoms....!

antoinette nora claypoole
editor, Wild Embers Press


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